Textile design

Traces AW 2013


I look at urban landscapes as a way of seeing nature, culture through a sense of place and space. As a Cosmopolitan city, Singapore has been influenced by many different cultures. I take inspiration in the forgotten places of Singapore, like the charming old mosaic playgrounds and Haw Par Villa, a one of a kind theme park depicting Chinese folklore. I was also inspired by my childhood memories of toys and sweets that hold meaning for me, and my country. Being a sentimental soul, I feel the importance to remember the faded traces of my homeland, and yet give a fresh spin to the Singaporean identity.

Traces focuses on soft cottons, linens, sheer lightweight polyesters and also chunky knits aimed to give a sense of comfort and belonging to the user. A playful palette of Coral, Dark Teal, Ice Spearmint, Sky Blue and Slate Grey helps to create an air of youthful exuberance in this wistful collection. Illustrative silkscreen prints paired with fabric manipulations and embroidery evoke a strong folk influence that helps reinforce the themes of nostalgia and old traditions.