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Repel is an interactive wearable art that simulate the situation when our personal space is being invaded. This artwork tries to leverage on the current crowded environment that we are used to and hope to raise awareness among people.

Repel is an arduino and electronic project, it made used of infrared sensor to trigger all the electronic component that user are wearing, such as DC motor, Servo motor, LED animation and Spining Laser.

On the user's left shoulder, Repel will emits a red laser beam that rotates 360 degree to create a user personal zone. In the event when there are strangers invaded the zone, it will trigger the infrared sensor that are located on the user's chest. The sensor will then trigger a series of actions. For example, the laser will rotate, the LED that signifies the heartbeat will blink and the button will spin. The closer the stranger is to the user, the faster the rotating speed will be.

For overall, Repel is trying to project a person's uncomfortable feeling when there is someone close to them by using some electronic components. Such as the laser represents restriction, the red LED represents heartbeat and the button represents the user's emotion.