Animation, 2014

Animation Demo Reel

By: Christopher Lim (Chris)

Dance, 2014

Melyn Jia Jie Chow

Animation, 2014

Animation Art

By: Samantha Germaine Sim

Design Communication, 2012

Shaping Visual

By: Valerie Ng

visual, design, shaping, paper, poster, typography, The LASALLE Show 2012

Design Communication , 2013

Intimate Connection

By: Beverley Ongah

The LASALLE Show 2013

Animation Art , 2013


By: Nicholas Tan

animation, 3D, showreel, film, poster, design, The LASALLE Show 2013

Design Communication, 2014

Designers Anonymous

By: Ashley Tang (Ashley Tang)

Interactive Art, 2012

The River

By: Rui Yi Mui (Rui)

visual, design, the, river, light, sculpture, The LASALLE Show 2012