Design Communication, 2012

Jolly publication

By: Stephanie

graphic design, publication, The LASALLE Show 2012

Art Therapy, 2014

The Rescued Accessory

By: Amy Toh

in Fine Arts, 2014


By: Bridget Tay

Interior Design, 2014

No Signboard

By: Tasya Desinta (Tasya)

Music , 2012

Pui Kuan Cheong (Yuri)

Interior Design, 2014

The Panton Mycelium Chair

By: Jia Ching Chong (Colin Chong)

Interior Design, 2014

Furniture design

By: Ann Gie Ku

Interior Design, 2012

Grow in Green

By: Peishan Zhuang (Peishan)

The LASALLE Show 2012