Theatre and Performance, 2013

Cheng Liang Tan (Frasier)

Dance, 2014

Nor Liyana Binte Mohammad Aminuddin

Dance, 2013

Samantha Ying Ling Lau

Theatre and Performance, 2013

Delia Hui Mei Png

Dance, 2014

Paramita Yasodhara

Design Communication , 2013


By: Jason Lee

process, book, The LASALLE Show 2013

Design Communication, 2012


By: Sumaiya Ali

advertising, air, poster, print, macbook, notebook, The LASALLE Show 2012

Theatre and Performance, 2014

Nur Awal Liyah Binte Jaafar

Design Communication , 2013


By: Bjorn Tan (Bjorn)

design, anime, otaku, editorial, The LASALLE Show 2013



By: Joey Ho Wei

film, media arts

Acting, 2014

Xin Xuan Chng

Design Communication , 2013

Profile page

By: Kenn Lam

design, product, The LASALLE Show 2013

Interior Design, 2014

Lacey Chair

By: Peter Yong-lin Chen

Animation Art, 2014


By: Cynthia Tedy