Musical Theatre, 2012

Mina Ellen Kaye


Something Universal

By: Goh Dai Lun


Acting, 2014

Frances Lee

Fashion Design and Textiles, 2013

RED 10. 6. 1/2

By: Si Wei Lim (Hailey)

fashion, design, The LASALLE Show 2013

Animation Art, 2014


By: Cynthia Tedy

Design Communication , 2013


By: Cheng Li (Seven)

design, product, The LASALLE Show 2013

Design Communication , 2013


By: Phuong Lan Nguyen (Lana Vee)

design, product, The LASALLE Show 2013

Interior Design, 2014

Fitness Centre

By: Peter Yong-lin Chen

Design Communication , 2013

Marutama Launch Kit

By: Bjorn Tan (Bjorn)

Marutama, design, launch kit, The LASALLE Show 2013

Arts & Cultural Management, 2014

Meta Vashti Setiawan

Design Communication, 2014

The uniqueness of you

By: Yifei Jiang (Jiang Yifei)

Design Communication, 2012

From: Sashi

By: Fariza Sharif (Fariza Str)

photography, The LASALLE Show 2012

Theatre and Performance, 2014

Rachel Boo

Product Design, 2014


By: Nerissa Arviana Prawiro

mortar and pestle