Fine Arts, 2014

This Is my home

By: Matheus Tan (Matt Tan )

Interior Design, 2014


By: Hieu Dao (Hugh)

Design Communication, 2014

Final Project: A Portrait

By: Syam Sani (Abu)

Art Therapy, 2013


By: Yan Ni Liew (Janice)

Art Therapy, 2014

The Thread That Binds

By: Fang Qi, Krystle Teo

Interior Design, 2013

Envisage Cave

By: Peishan Zhuang

interior, design, modern, The LASALLE Show 2013

Fashion, 2014


By: Chin Woon Chan

Art Therapy, 2013


By: Yue Yin Chew (Shannon)

Fashion Design and Textiles, 2013

Seeking Serenity

By: Fei Yang (Faye)

fashion, textile, serenity, The LASALLE Show 2013

Design Communication , 2013

Drawing In Pixels

By: Wei Wen Len (Ryan Len)

The LASALLE Show 2013

Fine Arts, 2014


By: Weili Leow (WLi)