Animation Art, 2014

Animation Demo Reel

By: Clara Patricia

Acting, 2013

Riccardo Andrea Cartelli

Animation Art, 2014


By: Stephanie Priscilla (Stephanie)

Animation Art , 2013


By: Cynthia Tedy

animation, poster, film, 3D, please, The LASALLE Show 2013

Fine Arts, 2014

The Tangled Bond, 2014

By: Gabrielle Wai (Gabrielle Wai)

Design Communication, 2012


By: Tricia Lew (Amoretto)

visual, design, snowflake, papercut, The LASALLE Show 2012

Animation Art, 2014

Fish Village

By: Bak Liping

Acting, 2013

Gokul Anand

Acting, 2013

Nadia Binte Abdul Rahman

Musical Theatre, 2012

Taryn Erickson